CEO Today - UK Awards 2022

We provide software and services to organisations operating within highly regulated industries such as aviation, financial services, life science, healthcare and manufacturing. Our operational premises – including four functional centres of excellence – are spread throughout the UK, EU, US, UAE and SE Asia. As a forward-thinking company, Ideagen re-assesses our organisational objectives every three years to ensure the business remains vibrant and ambitious. Our purpose is to make the client experience as simple, efficient and effective as possible, helping them reduce time-to-value and achieve desired outcomes. We aim to do this through working with honesty and transparency to ensure customer satisfaction and create strong working relationships for the long term. What we value at Ideagen We don’t just have an obligation to our investors, employees, and customers. We have an obligation to the World we live in. As an organisation we need to perform to more than just normal metrics. We need to contribute to the society that we all share. Whether it be looking after our People or our Planet; we need to make a positive difference. We need to make our contribution. These are the values that guide us, that we work towards, and that we expect every employee to stand behind. Our Objectives A global supplier of regulatory and compliance solutions, Ideagen provides a common software platform with an integrated risk- based approach to meet multi-industry standards enabling compliance with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. Industry leaders Become an industry leading provider of quality, risk, audit and compliance software to a core group of vertical markets within highly regulated industries. Growth focus Increase customer and head count within the UK and internationally, with particular focus West into the United States and East into Asia. Organic growth Maintain healthy organic growth within the core business along with the completion of strategic acquisitions to broaden, supersede or introduce a new product family. World class UX Offer a product portfolio with world class user experience and market leading functionality. Trusted advisors Become a trusted advisor within our global domains, and the number one supplier to customers to ensure their continued success. Destination employer Recognised as a ‘Destination Employer’, giving our talented teams the freedom to express ideas, deliver excellence, and thrive in the #ideagencommunity. Our Strategy Our strategy is built around a series of focused areas, encompassing all aspects of the business and our global workforce. Leading brand Create a strong brand internally, across our customer base and covering all domains. Manage the mix As market and customer expectations change, managing the transition to a Subscription-based model is key to our long-term success. Strategic acquisitions Our ‘buy and build’ business model remains the foundation for our success. We will continually look to add value to the business through targeted acquisitions. Sustainability Whether it be continual programmes of risk reduction, a commitment to Best Practice, or ensuring we remain environmentally aware – sustainability is key. Organic growth Every year, regardless of acquisitions, we need to maintain a focus on continuous improvement. Product innovation Built on scalable cloud-based technology, we aim to produce marketing leading product functionality with world-class user experience. www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Un i t ed Ki ngdom Awa rds 202 2 Sof twa re Leade r of t he Yea r CEO of Ideagen Ben Dorks w w w . i d e a g e n . c o m 59

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