CEO Today UK Awards 2021

Financial Services 82 CEO TODAY UNITED KINGDOM AWARDS 2021 Savova CEO of PensionBee About Romi Savova Romi is Chief Executive Officer of PensionBee, the UK’s leading online pension provider she founded in 2014 to simplify pension savings in the UK, following a harrowing pension transfer experience of her own. Prior to PensionBee, Romi worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Benchmark and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. Firm Profile PensionBee is an online pension provider that puts the customer at its heart. PensionBee’s story began when their CEO, Romi, tried to move her old workplace pension. She had great difficulty switching providers using traditional platforms and financial advisers, encountering archaic systems, exceesive fees and complex paperwork. After this experience, she decided there had to be a better way and started working on creating PensionBee, alongside Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Lister Parsons. In 2016, PensionBee was offically launched with plans from BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors, helping hundreds of savers combine their old pensions from the outset. In 2017, over 4,000 more customers joined PensionBee, they also introduced there drawdown service, which enabled customers to make withdrawals easily online. The app was launched in 2018. In ine with the introduction of open banking, we they also became the first pension provider to integrate witha number of banking and money management apps, including Starling, Yolt and Money Dashboard. The technology platform makes it easy for customers to combine their pensions into one diversified online plan, so they can take the first step towards financial freedom. They create pension calculators and retirement forecasting tools to help customers plan ahead, enabling them to build a clearer picture about what they should be contributing. Then, when they reach the age of 55, they make it simple for savers to make on-demand and appropriate withdrawals. In 2020, despite the incredible challenges of COVID-19, PensionBee experienced their most successful year to date, which saw over 31,000 new invested customers join. At the beginning of the year they led a campaign to show the rest of the pensions industry that there is demand for a fossil fuel free pension, and succeeded with commitments of ove £100m to the Fossil Fuel Free Plan which was created in partnership with Legal & Genera Romi

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