CEO Today UK Awards 2021

Onl ine Food Del ivery 54 CEO TODAY UNITED KINGDOM AWARDS 2021 Our Values • We are customer obsessed • We succeed as a team • We are relentless • We deleiver results • We get to the bottom of things • We simplify • We think big • We build trust • We never say ‘it’s not my job’ • We are frugal • We embrace change Firm Profile When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO Will Shu moved to London in 2013 he discovered a city full of great restaurants, but he was amazed that so few of them delivered food. He made it his personal mission to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors. By offering fast and reliable deliverywhich the customer can track on their phone, Deliveroo has seen revenue growth of over 650% year on year. Restaurants who partner with us see their revenue increase by up to 30%, creating thousands of jobs in the restaurant sector. Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way customers eat. A key ingredient of our success is having the best selection of popular restaurants to choose from. Whether people want a pad Thai in the evening, a salad at lunch, or freshly scrambled eggs for breakfast - we’ve got it covered. By constantly innovating and expanding, we offer the best choice and convenience. Our aim is to bring great food direct to customers as fast as possible, in less than 30 minutes. Deliveroo was founded in the UK and we are proud to export British-born technology around the world. Our ‘Frank’ algorithm is based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way of distributing orders based on the location of restaurants, riders and customers. Machine learning helps to predict the time it will take to prepare a meal, helping to streamline the delivery experience. Deliveroo has already cut delivery time by 20%, meaning riders are able to complete more deliveries per hour and increase their earnings, restaurants are able to increase their sales, and – of course – customers get their food even faster. www.del Will CEO of Deliveroo Shu

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