CEO Today UK Awards 2021

Aspirations Some of the main things The Trust aspires to accomplish include: • To build upon the success and expand their sports programmes for young People across Haringey • To establish long-term sustainability in all sports and programmes delivered, including the growth of the Sports Maker Programme which encompasses volunteering and coaching qualifications • To increase income through bids and programmes that fit into their overall aims and objectives. Some of these primary objectives are: • To give every child in Haringey the opportunity to take part in sport • To give every child in Haringey the opportunity to join a sports club • To provide a framework for children and young people to develop life skills that will help them with future employment • To increase the levels of activity among young people • To develop a fitness programme within Schools Sport Development • To increase volunteering opportunities • To ensure leaders courses are established in schools in order to achieve an increase in sporting ambassadors • To utilise outdoor areas, such as Ducketts Common and Albert Recreation Ground. 47 CEO TODAY UNITED KINGDOM AWARDS 2021 Coaching Burk Gravis CEO of Haringey Sports Development Trust Company Profile Faced with the need to make drastic budget reductions in 1991, Haringey Council closed the Borough’s sports development team “Community ActionSport’’, thereby leaving a void inprovision. Because of his passion for sport, belief that all young people should have the opportunity to take part in sports and appreciation that Haringey schools needed help to develop school sports, Burk Gravis, Director of Haringey Sports Development Trust, established The Trust in 1992; with minimal funding from the Tottenham Grammar School Foundation and using an electric typewriter. In 1994, The Trust gained charitable status and today, it enjoys a high profile across the community sports sector in London, being viewed externally as a massive success. The Trust has a strong record of delivering sports development in Haringey and the neighbouring areas, particularly focusing their work on young people. Setting up clubs in the Borough, strengthening clubs, increasing participation and impacting young people’s attitude towards improved lifestyle and dealing with obesity and wellbeing are only some of The Trust’s priorities. It also focuses on upskilling young people in gaining coaching qualifications in a variety of sports linked to the London Youth Games Sports, which then enables them to become ambassadors in various sport and volunteering opportunities and leads to part-time and full-time employment. The success of programmes continues to attract funding from Tottenham Grammar School Foundation, Haringey Council, Street Games and Hornsey Parochial, Leathersellers and AKO. The Trust has won Best Practise in the Community BURA Trust, Best Practise Girls Football SE England and the 2012 Legacy Programme. Burk was on New Years Honours List 2017 and was awarded British Empire Award for 35 years service to Sport. He also won the life time Achievement Award 2008 for services to Sport in Haringey.

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