CEO Today - UK Awards 2023 CEO Today United Kingdom Awards 2023 12 arguments with government, but we have always fought in their corner. Through engaging with our membership, we have listened to the issues that they are facing on the ground and their views on how the government can provide the right framework for them to plan effectively and allow their businesses to thrive. It has also allowed us to develop the evidence to make their case. Our member surveys give us the mechanism whereby we can listen and then distil what they say clearly and consistently, enabling us to be evidencebased when we are going to talk to government ministers across the Nations. The second thing that we have done is ensure that all members, no matter where they are across the country and internationally, are able to access and benefit from the full range of support and services that we provide. So that meant moving much of our offer online – in particular with regards to our professional development courses, but also other activities such as our events and member connections. What is interesting is that there is no correlation between GDP growth or decline and learning and development. People still want to invest in themselves as much – if not more so – in a downturn as they do when things are on the up. So we stuck to our guns on that. We provided members with the ability to continue to develop themselves through a range of courses, both small and large. We extended the breadth of what we do and we are refreshing our course content to ensure it is up to date and relevant as the landscape shifts and changes. We are now more accessible to more members wherever they are in terms of physical locations as well, bringing more value to members. We now have 48 locations around the UK that are open for members to drop in and use. And we are continuing to reshape the way that we deliver locally for our members. What is it that motivates you to achieve success in your role? As I have already alluded to, I am a proud Yorkshireman. We are known for being somewhat stubborn! So, I think that where I get most satisfaction

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