CEO Today UK Awards 2021

Engineering 108 CEO TODAY UNITED KINGDOM AWARDS 2021 Michael Geissler CEO of Mo-Sys Innovation and determination create success for Mo-Sys As someone with dyslexia and an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Michael Geissler has all of the essential qualities required to be a successful creative technology CEO! Over the last few years, he has managed to build an exceptionally talented team that’s driving the success of his thriving business, Mo-Sys Engineering. Put simply, Mo-Sys is leading the way in technology-led innovation. The company designs and builds unique, highly sophisticated camera technology products for film and broadcast, such as camera tracking, broadcast robotics and virtual production hardware. Not only are these products rapidly transforming visual effects (VFX) and virtual production (VP) techniques that are vital to the modern-day filmmaking process, they are attracting global interest and serving customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Mo-Sys exports 95% of its products overseas and customers include high-profile names such as Sony, Disney, Sky and Netflix. The company’s early adoption of LED wall technology for real-time VFX production has helped it to win work on Hollywood blockbusters such as Gravity, the Oscar-winning sci-fi thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. In addition, the expertise of Michael and his 60-strong team of staff has helped Mo-Sys to win work on a host of top television shows, including the recent series of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Mo-Sys provided the entire VP technology for the shows and this was instrumental in creating a range of stunning special effects. All of this has enabled Mo-Sys to expand during the pandemic at a time when many companies have scaled back activities, furloughed staff or made redundancies. While there’s no doubt that the company wouldn’t have been as successful without the drive, innovation and entrepreneurial skills of its CEO and founder, Michael is quick to credit the expertise of his team for getting Mo-Sys to this point. He says: “When I started Mo-Sys, one of the things I realised was the need to employ people in particular positions who could really help me take the business forward. The main emphasis was to build an open, creative culture with a family feel where staff could challenge the status quo. If you achieve this, suddenly everything goes into overdrive. “Now we have technical experts, excellent project managers and people with sound business acumen who are able to identify and capitalise on commercial opportunities. I’ve also been careful to recruit people who want to make a difference and have a hardworking, collaborative “can do” attitude, people who can fit into our culture of mutual respect here at Mo-Sys.

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