CEO Today - UK Awards 2022

Quell Therapeutics is a London, UK based, private biopharmaceutical company. Quell was founded in March 2019 in partnership with six prominent immunological experts from King’s College London, University College London and Hannover Medical School, and is led by Iain McGill, a leading pharmaceutical executive with extensive relevant experience, having spent the majority of his 25 years in the industry in immunology, including the areas of solid organ and cell transplantation. The Company was founded with initial series A financing, led by Syncona Ltd who committed £34M with a further £1M contributed by UCL Technology Fund. At Quell we seek to deliver truly innovative, life-changing therapies for our patients. Our vision as a company is to build a major global biopharmaceutical company bringing transformational and valued therapies for a range of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, as well as preventing rejection in organ transplantation, based on modular engineered Tregs. In transplantation our goal is to achieve tolerance, enabling patients to live with their transplanted liver without taking immunosuppressive medication; finally making transplantation the FULL cure it was always intended to be. The partnership between the experienced Quell leadership team and our six founding experts, gives Quell an unparalleled leadership opportunity in the exciting field of therapeutic Tregs. At Quell we are passionate about our mission for bringing lifechanging immunetherapies of the future, into our world of today. Our Platform - Modular engineered tregs Quell isemployingproprietaryand innovative technologies to genetically enhance Tregs, to enable the targeting of Tregs in an antigen (Ag)-specific manner and directing them to particular targets within the body, i.e focusing their suppressive potential right where it is needed. These ex vivo engineered Tregs can then be introduced into patients with the potential to control unwanted immune activity enabling opportunities to treat patients with autoimmune and inflammatory disease as well as the potential to prevent organ rejection without the need for immune suppression. Our Vision Be the leading Cell Therapy Player in the Immune Dysregulation Field Transformative Valued Therapies Quell is focused on delivering therapies which are valued by physicians, patients and payors, which have the promise of delivering transformational results for our patients. Keeping The Patient Central In All Our Efforts At Quell we keep the patient at the forefront of our minds. Always. Build AStrongCulture Culture drives decision making and actions in an organisation. Quell is building a unique and engaging culture which enables us to achieve our goals and live our values. Quell is a culture-led organisation which LIVES its values and we appreciate the unique qualities our employees bring. Together as a leadership team we defined the blueprint for our culture – and it hangs on 5 principles. At Quell we are Innovative, we are Collaborative, we are Respectful, we are Accountable, and we both have and demonstrate Integrity. www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Un i t ed Ki ngdom Awa rds 202 2 B i otechno l ogy Leade r of t he Yea r CEO of Quel l Therapeutics Iain McGill At Quell we are passionate about our mission for bringing lifechanging immune-therapies of the future, into our world of today, w w w . q u e l l - t x . c o m 56

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