CEO Today - UK Awards 2022

What We Do Our investment strategy is encapsulated in one clear objective: to deliver superior risk- adjusted returns to our investors. To achieve this, we focus on three core principles: pursuing independent, thematic and long-term origination; actively transforming and growing market- leading businesses; and having a rigorous focus on capital preservation. Consistent Strategy Since Morphin was founded in 2016 by Mohamed Al Nabih, the firm has been creating value by applying a high impact approach to investing in a focused portfolio of companies. We drive returns by combining ambitious operational plans for our businesses with a rigorous focus on capital preservation. This strategy has resulted in a track record of consistent, superior returns and growth across our portfolio. We currently manage committed capital across European mid-market buyout funds, in future we need to focus on other international market. Independent Origination We seek to buy market-leading businesses that may be transformed through greater strategic and operational focus. We employ a proactive and themedriven approach to sourcing investment opportunities, based on a firm culture which favours independent and evidence- based thinking. As a result, we typically originate investment opportunities outside the traditional sources of private equity deal flow. We are patient in sourcing new investments and are willing to spend significant time and resources in building conviction around an investment case. This means our investment and operating team will have a clear and detailed plan for a business before acquiring it. Operational Transformation and Driving Upside A key determinant of our returns and the attractiveness of an investment opportunity to us is the potential we identify to proactively transform the business through strategic repositioning, operational improvement, high-returning capital investment and accretive buy- andbuild strategies. The resources dedicated to each investment together with the scale and experience of our Operating management. Our Vision To become a leading logistics provider to a wide range of different clients, whilst focusing on giving an outstanding & tailored service. Our Values We believe that central to our success are the values we adopt when making every decision and when setting every goal. Trust Our market works on relationships. Without trust, all relationships fail. We must always earn trust and work hard to keep it. Integrity We must always operate within the confines of law and society. However we must never use that as an excuse not to find another way. Responsibility We must act responsibly for everything we do and who and what we affect. This is especially true for how we conduct ourselves within the local community and our effect on the environment. Traceability In order to keep record of processes and logistical procedures, we believe that all processes should be monitored continuously- being able to provide total traceability of our entire operational process and giving the client piece of mind. For example, with our own in house vehicle-consignment tracking, we are able to see our drivers on route to delivery destinations, including their speed and geographical location. www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Un i t ed Ki ngdom Awa rds 202 2 F i nanc i a l Se r v i ces Leade r of t he Yea r CEO of Morphin Group Mohamed Al Nabih u k @m o r p h i n g r o u p . c o m | + 4 4 2 0 7 1 6 4 6 6 | w w w . m o r p h i n g r o u p . c o m 51

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