CEO Today - UK Awards 2022

About Nigel and Good Energy Ltd Good Energy is a green energy company with a mission to power a cleaner, greener, future. Nigel joined as CEO in May 2021 to lead Good Energy’s development as an innovative supplier at the forefront of the transition to net zero. Nigel is a widely experienced senior executive with a strong commercial, digital, and operational track record spanning over 25 years. He most recently served as Chief Commercial Officer of Moneysupermarket Group plc. Prior to this, he held senior roles at Expedia Inc., including President of eBookers and Chief Marketing Officer of He spent a decade of his early career at Pearson plc, including a period leading the digital operations of the Financial Times. He holds an MA and M.Phil from Oxford University and an MBA from INSEAD. Nigel is also a Non-Executive Director and remuneration committee chair at Kin + Carta plc, a global digital transformation business focused on helping make the journey to becoming a digital business tangible, sustainable and profitable. Two decades ago, 98% of UK energy was generated from fossil fuels. And with the growing threat of climate change, we desperately needed more sustainable options. Determined to help tackle the climate crisis, Juliet Davenport set up Good Energy in 1999 as one of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity suppliers. Good Energy was set up to give people the choice to do something about climate change by choosing renewable energy for their homes and businesses – and we’ve been doing just that ever since. Good Energy is a British renewable electricity company with a difference. For more than 20 years, our mission has been to power a cleaner, greener world. Today, that is what we are – an energy company for the future. Founded as a deep green domestic supplier with 1,900 independent generators, we are increasingly focused on decentralised energy and clean transport. As the country commits to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, we are continuing to enable a zero carbon Britain by making it simple to generate, share, store, use and travel by clean power. Good Energy is a leader in renewable energy supply and services, with proven credentials as a 100% renewable electricity supplier. We serve a growing market of domestic and business customers looking to make an impact on the climate crisis, making us well placed to capitalise on the wider social and regulatory attention to the need for a mass shift to green energy. Together with our community of shareholders, bondholders, generators, customers and employees, we are leading the charge towards a cleaner, distributed energy system. Good Energy was founded as a purposeled business. Our reason for existing is based on the view that companies should pursue a wider purpose, over simply making profit. That’s why each year we publish a report which updates our customers, generators, and investors on the progress we’ve made towards achieving that purpose. Empowering people to be part of the solution to climate change is core to that purpose. Building a market for small-scale renewable energy is too. But beyond these central principles we have a social purpose, one which speaks to our values of inclusion and fairness. We believe that everyone deserves a future on our home planet. Swimming in our rivers, walking in our forests or simply breathing clean air should always be an option; for us, for our children and for their children. We know that to keep the planet our home we have to get to 100% renewable energy. So that’s what we are working towards every single day. We exist to give you the ability to generate your own power, not just buy ours. No one owns the sunshine, the wind or the rain, so let’s share it. www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Un i t ed Ki ngdom Awa rds 202 2 Ene rgy Leade r of t he Yea r CEO of Good Energy Ltd Nigel Pocklington w w w . g o o d e n e r g y . c o . u k 45

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