CEO Today - UK Awards 2022

Galliford Try is a leading UK construction business employing 3,300 people across the country. We are a people-orientated, progressive business, driven by our values to deliver lasting change for our stakeholders and the communities we work in. We are passionate about our role in providing vital buildings and infrastructure across the country, committed to the idea that what we do makes a real difference to people’s lives. Our purpose, vision and values shape our culture, proactively guiding our day-to-day activities and keeping us focused on what’s important to us. The companies that make up our business have a proud history dating back more than a century. The original Galliford business was based in the Midlands, while WS Try was founded in the South East of England in Uxbridge, where we still have our head office, around the time of the Great War. The two businesses merged into a national contractor in 2000, and with the acquisition of Morrison Construction in 2006, the Galliford Try group became a major player in both the building and infrastructure sectors across the UK, including Scotland where Morrison Construction had been operating since the Second World War. A further acquisition of the Miller Construction business in 2014 formed much of the business we know today. The group had built two strong housing brands through the 2000s and 2010s in Linden Homes and Galliford Try Partnerships. Both these businesses were sold in a £1bn deal to Bovis Homes in 2020 to become the Vistry Group. In 2021, Galliford Try announced its Sustainable Growth Strategy, acquiring the water business of nmcn, including Lintott, following administration of the company. Sectors We focus on sectors where we have core and proven strengths as demonstrated by our track record. We carry out building and infrastructure works across the UK through the extensive knowledge and expertise of several regional offices. This approach enables us to deliver schemes of national distinction, with a local approach across a wide range of markets. Our spread of work for both public and private sector clients is well-balanced and widespread and we are renowned for our ability to provide sustainable, wholelife solutions. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, as demonstrated by our record for repeat business and our position on key frameworks. Our purpose, vision and values We take our role in society seriously, working to improve the UK’s built environment and delivering lasting change for the communities we work in. Our vision is to be a people-orientated, progressive business, driven by our values to deliver lasting change for our stakeholders and the communities we work in. Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through building the facilities and infrastructure that communities need, providing opportunities for our people to learn, grow and progress, working with our supply chain to promote the very best working practice and caring for the environment in which we work. We do this by holding true to our values, delivering excellence for our clients and the community, being passionate about our role in providing vital services, putting integrity at the heart of our business by doing the right thing, and collaborating with our clients, supply chain and stakeholders to deliver lasting change and long-term value. www. ceotodaymagazine . com CEO Today Un i t ed Ki ngdom Awa rds 202 2 Const r uc t i on Expe r t of t he Yea r CEO of Gal l i ford Try Bill Hocking Striving to delivering the best. w w w . g a l l i f o r d t r y . c o . u k 43

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