Featured Winners
CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, Jersey

Henry Baye

International Banking Leader of the Year

"This award means a lot. When one’s leadership style is built on authenticity, respect and humility and not on ambition, it registers differently, and one would hope the impact shines bright." View in Edition
Featured Winners
Chief Executive, Bromford

Robert Nettleton

Social Enterprise Expert of the Year

"We believe that having a great place to call home is just the start and with the right relationships and someone who believes in your potential, almost anything is possible." View in Edition
Featured Winners
CEO, Thames Water

Sarah Bentley

Utilites Expert of the Year

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges for humanity." View in Edition
Featured Winners
CEO, Good Energy Ltd

Nigel Pocklington

Energy Leader of the Year

"Empowering people to be part of the solution to climate change is core to that purpose. Building a market for small-scale renewable energy is too." View in Edition

CEO Today UK Awards 2022

Winners Edition Now Available

The CEO Today UK Awards 2022 Winners Edition is now available.

The CEO Today UK Awards celebrate the success, innovation and strategic vision of CEOs across a number of sectors and industries within the United Kingdom.

The aim of our awards is to identify the most successful, innovative and forward-thinking CEOs in the UK today across a number of sectors.

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